‘Forget what you wear underneath, the right coat and bag can make your outfit complete’ –Andreea Voica, Founder and Creative Director of ANDREEA VOICA

Andreea Voica, Romanian born and Dubai based, is the Founder and Creative Director of luxury handbag and exotic skin outwear brand, ANDREEA VOICA. Andreea finished her educational run with impressive results, including graduating from The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest with a BSc in Finance and Accounting as well a MSc in Communication in International Business. Such prestigious qualifications led Andreea to the auditing department of prestigious firm, KPMG Romania, where after numerous years of hard work she decided to drop it all and do what she had always wanted to from the start, work in fashion and more specifically create her own luxury clothing and accessories brand.

Andreea believes in lavishness and more importantly exclusivity. To achieve such, all production involves the best and most refined materials, taken from all over the world. Furthermore, when an ANDREEA VOICA bag is made in a certain style and colour, that bag will stand alone in all of its glory, being the only one of its kind, creating a distinct feeling of individuality. Curation of the products also takes place in what some may consider the design and fashion capital of the world, Italy. For the bags, crocodile skin is the only material used, however different skins from different crocodiles are carefully selected, to best suit each bag, including Niloticus crocodile skin, Alligator skin and Porosus skin, also known as the saltwater crocodile.